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Independent Contractor Positions for Licensed Therapists

We are currently hiring for a licensed mental therapist (LICSW, LMFT, LPCC or LP)  for an independent contractor position working with adults and/or children and adolescents, who has expertise and experience in treating trauma, anxiety, depression etc. The position allows for flexibility and NCE Wellness believes  in  creating an enjoyable and supportive environment to work where therapists can have a work life balance. Pleaseemail Laurie at for more information. 

NCE Wellness is an integrative wellness center that offers traditional therapy and body based interventions such as yoga and massage. Our agency is in North Minneapolis and we are active in promoting emotional health and wellness in an area that is underserved.

We encourage therapists at NCE Wellness to have a work life balance by finding a caseload that works for them and leaves them with time to enjoy their life and engage in self care. We believe this is an essential part of being in a helping profession. We also take care of all the tedious administration duties so clinicians can focus on their therapeutic work.

Positions open:

Hybrid-in person and virtual or fully virtual options


  • Conduct weekly individual or family therapeutic sessions in person or virtually.

  • Diagnostic interviews, assessment, and reports.

  • Documentation of therapeutic services, session notes, treatments plans and diagnostic assessment reports.

  • Timely and clear chart documentation.

  • Maintain HIPAA compliance and ensure clients privacy.

  • Provide a compassionate environment and experience to enable clients to heal.

  • Maintain professional liability insurance.

What's great about this position!

  • We offer considerably higher than average percentage rates for therapists.

  • The position offers a flexible schedule.

  • Free monthly case consultation.

  • Therapists have the ability to make decisions about the focus of their therapeutic work.

  • Incredible team of supportive therapists to work with.


  • Masters and a clinical license or on track to be licensed as an Psychologist, Clinical Social Worker, Professional Clinical Counselor or Marriage and Family Therapist.

  • Strong organizations skills, able to create their own structure and complete paperwork in a timely manner.

  • Experience working with individuals impacted but anxiety, depression, trauma, family stress, ADHD etc.

  • Solid foundation in the understanding of the impact of early childhood trauma and specific approaches for treating anxiety, depression and trauma.

  • Therapists with experience working with diverse populations and individuals who are impacted by socio-economic stressors are encouraged to apply.

What we provide:

  • EHR: We have a highly customizable and easy to use electronic health records.

  • Billing, claim submission and tracking of payments.

  • Website

  • Marketing

  • Furnished office space

  • Internet

  • Administrative support

  • Calm, beautiful and welcoming office space.

NCE Wellness is intentional about creating an enjoyable, caring and supportive place to work, where there is space to grow and learn. A place where clients can find healing and a few moments of peace and therapists can find a work life balance.

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