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Our Amazing Instructors

Sarah Walker

Sarah came to yoga for the physical aspect and found a deep emotional and spiritual connection to the practice after taking a 200 hour teacher training with Yess Yoga in 2018. She fell in love with yoga’s deep cultural roots, spiritual teachings and philosophy. Her love for learning led her to pursue a 500 hour teacher training and a massage therapy program, both of which she is currently working on.Through yoga and massage she hopes to encourage people to foster connection, trust their intuition and activate the teacher within. She believes that yoga is for everybody and every-body and that a yoga practice can begin without ever stepping foot on a mat.


Laurie Schlosser 

Laurie has been practicing yoga for over 20 years. Her love for yoga and it's healing effects have taken her to India and Indonesia to deepen her practice. She is Yoga Calm certified, completed her 200 hours yoga teacher training, and a practicing psychologist. She creates classes that build strength and openness in the body. Holding postures a little longer and slowly stretching the muscles. Her hope is that you will experience a challenge and deep relaxation in her classes and have a few moments of stillness both in the body and mind.  She supports her students with gentle guidance. Laurie wants to bring the healing effects of yoga to individuals who may not traditionally seek out yoga as well as the experienced yoga practitioner.


Gigi Bisong

Her calling is to create programs that guide people to relate differently to their bodies, visions and wounds they have carried or buried. So they may root into their own unique medicine for the world.

She believes when the people are well - the earth is well. And she is on a mission to water the sacred wellness in the lives of as many as possible.

She can guide others to this level of depth only because she has gone there herself. Her personal journey gives her the ability to coach from a true embodied experience and this is felt and allows her to show up with deep compassion, vulnerability, love, non-judgment, integrity and wisdom to all those she meets. She can meet others with this because she has met herself there.

Some of Gigi’s experience includes: Leading workshops at Ra Ma Yoga institute, speaking at Mankato State University, US Bank, Comcast, and Northeast Middle School. She is also a former Huff Post contributor, best selling author and creator of the Embodied Ally Program, Adore Don’t Ignore Black Women Summit, Birthing a Vision Course, and Sacred Mother Yoga.

Most of the programs Gigi creates are birthed through prayer and meditation.

So she bridges the intuitive insights she receives from prayer along with ancient spiritual teachings, embodiment practices and her lifelong devotion to the studies of spirit.

This results in an approach that is grounded, innovative, and poetic


Jessica Rometti

Jess is a Certified Yoga Therapist (C-IAYT) with 10 years of teaching experience.  She is a devoted student of the Viniyoga lineage which emphasizes function over form, breath and adaptation & the art of sequencing.  Jess has felt the transformative effects of yoga in her own life as it has helped her heal from an eating disorder, build confidence, improve her sleep and manage her anxiety.  She feels passionately about helping other people move towards happier, healthier lives through yoga.

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Kjirsten Fogelson

Kjirsten received her 500-Hour YTT Certification in Kelowna, BC in 2017 with the goal to own and operate a successful and sustainable studio in the Twin Cities. In the summer of 2018, with more curiosity surrounding her love of movement, and dance, she completed her 80-Hour Barre Certification, and 100-Hour Vinyasa Certification that has allowed her to expand both her knowledge, and teachings. Kjirsten has over 1000 hours of training in yoga and meditation, and has taught over 3000 classes. She is currently working on opening HUM - a yoga and barre studio that provides classes with a focus on building community, environmentally conscious practices and cultivating a welcoming space for students of all levels to move, grow, and connect. Kjirsten is passionate about building future programs and offerings that will support the growth and development of BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) dreamers, entrepreneurs, and creatives. 


Mary McCallum

Mary McCallum is an E-RYT200, Curvy Yoga, and Yoga for All certified yoga instructor who is passionate about making yoga accessible to everyone. Mary loves teaching how yoga can work for you and dispelling common yoga myths. Her goal is to create a fun, inclusive, supportive, and non-intimidating environment for others to practice yoga as a way to connect and tune into the wisdom of the body.

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Bridget Vargas

Bridget’s love for yoga began over 20 years ago when she took a yoga class as another option for fitness.  She quickly realized that there was so much more to yoga than just the physical benefits.   She completed her 200 hour teaching training in 2014 at the Yoga Center of Minneapolis.  She also completed her Reiki Practitioner certification in the fall of 2021 and is currently enrolled for her 300 hour teacher training program at Devanadi School of Yoga & Wellness which begins in September.   Bridget’s hope is that through yoga everyone can find a way to heal, find peace and come home to their true selves. 


Marie Schutz

Marie has been practicing yoga for nearly 10 years and completed her 200-hour teacher training with the Yoga Center of Minneapolis in 2017.  Considering herself a “forever student,” Marie regularly attends various yoga trainings, including trainings in anatomy, yin yoga, meditation, Traditional Chinese Medicine, yoga for recovery, and trauma-informed yoga, and is currently working on completing her 500-hour teacher training with Yoga Medicine.  Marie’s goal as a yoga teacher is to help students cultivate an internal awareness of their own unique experience to feel more at home in their bodies and more present in their minds.  Marie also strives to teach in a way that is inclusive of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds.