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Our Amazing Instructors
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Alicia Jackson

In love with the concept of balance, Alicia first saw yoga as a natural counterpart to high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts in 2011 and hasn’t looked back since.  Alicia completed her initial teacher training in 2017, a 30 hour advanced sequencing training in 2018, and a 75-hour advanced level training called “The Art of Teaching Kula Style Yoga: or deconstructing creative alignment based flow with intelligence and precision” in 2019, and Firefly’s trauma-informed yoga teacher training in 2020.


Her approach to yoga is focused on developing a symbiotic relationship between movement and breath. Allowing space for the body to work as a whole is near and dear to her heart. An exuberant and inquisitive individual, Alicia strives to bring both characteristics into her classes. In addition to yoga, Alicia also loves contortion, rock climbing, reading, HIIT, and tennis. She is thrilled to be teaching and hopes to see you soon.


Erica Rosenwinkel

Erica was introduced to yoga in 2009 and immediately found safety and emotional relief in her newfound practice. Yoga quickly became a comforting space for her to understand, nurture and strengthen her physical, emotional and spiritual relationship with herself and the world around her. Discovering this passion and experiencing the personal ways it changed her life, she feels deeply that sharing the practice of yoga is a large part of her purpose. Erica completed her 200-hour teacher training at the Doron Yoga & Zen Center in Guatemala and has since taught throughout Central America and the states at a variety of retreat centers and studios. She aims to bring a sense of safety, comfort and peace to all of her classes, encouraging introspection and connection to heal the relationship within. 


Michael Contreras

 Yoga found Michael at a time when he needed it most, like it tends to do. There was a spiritual aspect in it that he had not found in other activities, that aligned perfectly with his program of recovery. The union of body & mind, breath & movement, combined with a deep meditative practice was exactly what he had been striving for in his daily life. He’s been a dedicated student for the last 4 years. Michael finished his 200hr yoga training through Lifepower and has been teaching and growing ever since. He finds joy in sharing the experience of Yoga with others, arriving exactly as you are on your mat, living in gratitude and accepting the moment for what it is. Building connections with others as well as deepening the connection within oneself. When he's not teaching Yoga, Michael spends time with his daughter, as well as being a gigging musician on the weekends, guitar being a passion of his since he was 12. Michael is a North MPLS native and has a deep connection and appreciation for the community,


Sarah Walker

Sarah came to yoga for the physical aspect and found a deep emotional and spiritual connection to the practice after taking a 200 hour teacher training with Yess Yoga in 2018. She fell in love with yoga’s deep cultural roots, spiritual teachings and philosophy. Her love for learning led her to pursue a 500 hour teacher training and a massage therapy program, both of which she is currently working on.Through yoga and massage she hopes to encourage people to foster connection, trust their intuition and activate the teacher within. She believes that yoga is for everybody and every-body and that a yoga practice can begin without ever stepping foot on a mat.

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Una Setia

While studying dance in college, I started taking yoga classes and fell in love with the practice. I have been teaching yoga in Minneapolis since 2000 at community education, dance schools, corporations, and yoga studios as well as private lessons and yoga parties.  I enjoy teaching at a variety of places to reach different populations. I also taught at The Emily Program for 6 years to clients in treatment. As a trauma informed yoga teacher, I invite my students to get curious about their unique challenges and strengths by offering multiple options in my classes. I love encouraging others to feel more connected to their bodies through movement. My intention as a yoga teacher is to invite people to cultivate a stronger and kinder mind-body connection to build greater self-awareness. The more aware we are of our needs, the better able we are to meet them. What is asking for attention in your body?

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Mary McCallum

Mary McCallum is an E-RYT200, Curvy Yoga, and Yoga for All certified yoga instructor who is passionate about making yoga accessible to everyone. Mary loves teaching how yoga can work for you and dispelling common yoga myths. Her goal is to create a fun, inclusive, supportive, and non-intimidating environment for others to practice yoga as a way to connect and tune into the wisdom of the body.


Julie Floisted

Having grown up dancing, Julie was first drawn to the movement of Vinyasa yoga, but quickly became enveloped in the breath and mindfulness aspects of yoga, noticing them showing up in her life off the mat. A “forever student,” after completing her 200 hour yoga teacher training in 2019, she has gone on to complete an advanced kids yoga teacher training, become a certified Ayurvedic nutritionist as well as a mindfulness coach and is currently working to complete a 300 hour teacher training.  When she’s not practicing or teaching yoga, Julie can be found spending time with her two boys, husband, and plethora of pets. 

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Nina Woods

At first coming to love the physical benefits of yoga many moons ago, Nina found the mental and spiritual benefits during her transition from military service. Seeing the healing power of yoga and the community it fosters, she decided to complete a 200-hour teacher training. Nina brings her mellow energy, playfulness, and love for music to her classes. She aspires to share yoga in a way that can be beneficial on and off the mat.


Laurie Schlosser 

Laurie has been practicing yoga for over 20 years. Her love for yoga and it's healing effects have taken her to India and Indonesia to deepen her practice. She is Yoga Calm certified, completed her 200 hours yoga teacher training, and a practicing psychologist. She creates classes that build strength and openness in the body. Holding postures a little longer and slowly stretching the muscles. Her hope is that you will experience a challenge and deep relaxation in her classes and have a few moments of stillness both in the body and mind.  She supports her students with gentle guidance. Laurie wants to bring the healing effects of yoga to individuals who may not traditionally seek out yoga as well as the experienced yoga practitioner.

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