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Our Mission

Northside Center for Emotional Wellness will strive to promote healing for children, teens, adults and families by providing integrative mental health care. Offering individual and family therapy as well as the mind/body interventions of yoga and mindfulness.

Our Therapists


Abbie Diehl LICSW (Licensed Clinical Social Worker)

(612)-454-0171 or

Abbie (she/her) believes that healing occurs within the context of relationship and
community. She strives to build safe, trusting and collaborative relationships with those she
serves. Abbie hopes to help individuals understand the connection between the mind and
body, as well as the impact of trauma (including historical and generational), grief and loss,
life stressors and our environment on our well-being. She partners with adults, children, and
families to recognize harmful patterns and promote healing through the cultivation of
compassion, self-awareness, tolerance for discomfort, grounding skills and nurturance.
Abbie practices from a person-centered, strengths-based approach within a mind-
body/mindfulness, integrative, neurobiological and systems/anti-oppression framework.
Abbie is committed to continually engaging in anti-racist practice in her professional and
personal life.
Abbie has experience in working with trauma and secondary trauma, grief and loss,
complex medical issues, including cancer and infertility, anxiety, depression, interpersonal
issues, and life transitions. Abbie works with adults and children and their families impacted
by the aforementioned situations. Abbie is fluent in Spanish and has extensive experience
working with individuals from the Spanish-speaking and Latinx communities. She can be
reached at (612)-454-0171 or


Laurie Schlosser MA LP(Licensed Psychologist/NCE Wellness Director) 

Laurie at 612-310-8683 or

Laurie Schlosser MA Licensed Psychologist (she/her) has been working with children and families for over 20 years. She has experience working with children and teens who have been impacted by anxiety, phobias and OCD.. She believes healing occurs through family involvement in their child's therapy, as well as using interventions that treat both the body and the mind.  Laurie helps individuals grow and expand their strengths and cultivate intentions such as kindness, patience, compassion, strength and courage. She believes that change happens when we increase our psychological flexibility, learn to connect to our bodies, practice acceptance of difficult emotions and engage in committed actions towards a life that matters. She is experienced  in a variety of therapeutic approaches such as  exposure therapy(ERP), cognitive behavioral therapy, family support, sensory interventions, yoga and mindfulness in order to meet each client's unique and individual needs. Laurie has a specialty in treating anxiety and helping children and teens grow their ability to be brave and face their fears.


Laurie is trained as a SPACE(Supportive Parenting for Anxious Childhood Emotions) provider as well as CBT-exposure for phobias, anxiety and OCD.

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Maureen Ellis MSW LICSW (Licensed Clinical Social Worker)

Contact Maureen at (651) 347-4158 or

Maureen(she/her) believes an important part of the healing process is accompanying clients on their
journey and helping them process and assign meaning to their experiences using a
collaborative, and strengths-based approach. She strives to provide a safe and supportive
environment for clients to foster a greater self-acceptance, increase their understanding of the
mind body connection, develop, and maintain healthy coping strategies, and address emotional
challenges needed to make meaningful and sustainable life changes.


Maureen has 17 years of experience working with teens and adults from diverse cultural
backgrounds in the Los Angeles and Minneapolis areas. She’s worked as a school social worker,
and psychotherapist in outpatient mental health settings.  She uses an integrative approach to
assist clients with emotional regulation, symptom reduction, and increasing self-compassion.
Maureen incorporates mindfulness, cognitive behavioral therapy, strengths-based techniques,
resourcing, narrative therapy, mind body skills, and trauma work into her practice. She is well-
trained to work with clients struggling with anxiety, depression, grief and loss, family conflict,
trauma, interpersonal relationships, and other life stressors. Maureen is trauma-informed,
trained in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) and a Certified Clinical
Trauma Professional (CCTP). Maureen works with clients to increase self-awareness around
emotions and body sensations. She assists clients in creating a dual awareness between the
past and present, and helps them treat memories that are driving the symptoms in the present.

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