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We hope to provide a few moments of stillness and a sense peace for those who search for tranquility and freedom from suffering.

Northside Center for Emotional Wellness LLC
Integrative Wellness Center

NCE Wellness & The Yoga Room is an integrative wellness center, offering a variety of holistic wellness services. We offer therapy for emotional health, community yoga classes, Thai massage & bodywork,  and Reiki.
The center is a space for healing, wellness, self care, personal exploration and growth. We feel passionately about integrating care for the whole self, body and mind. All offerings can be accessed separately.

Yoga classes are open to the community and focus on a breathe awareness, strength building, relaxation, stretching and self care. 

We  have exceptional therapists, yoga instructors and other providers who are compassionate, supportive, and skilled with several years of experience.
“In a gentle way, you can shake the world.” – Mahatma Gandhi.




Are you looking for ways to  improve relationships, learn to manage worry or feelings of hopelessness? 

Our therapists create a safe compassionate space for individuals to find healing and growth.

We specialize in helping individuals impacted by anxiety, phobias, OCD, trauma, insomnia, grief, depression, relationship issues, and more.

We have expertise in treating child/teen anxiety, social anxiety, OCD and specific phobias. Phobias can limit a child's experiences and cause significant distress. Through therapy we can help them expand their life again. Expertise in treating fear of vomiting, emetophobia.


Yoga & Wellness Offerings

Yoga classes offered in a safe and supportive environment making yoga accessible to all bodies. Our classes focus on wellness, stress relief, healthy bodies and minds.

We offer in studio and outdoor classes with styles ranging from gentle to  a more vigorous vinyasa and Mysore style and led Ashtanga for a range of effort levels and challenge.

Thai Bodywork Massage  with Rebecca Benstead

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Reiki Schedule here

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