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Wellness Services
Massage Therapy, Thai Bodywork, Yoga Therapy & Fire Cupping

Massage Therapist Sarah Walker

After completing a 200 hr yoga training, I was hungry to learn more, anything I could about deepening connection and working with the body. This led me to pursue a massage therapy degree and I quickly learned that I had found another passion of mine. I believe the body intuitively knows what we need and what we desire but often times we’re moving too quickly to listen to its cues. One of the reasons I love both yoga and massage, is that it gives us the opportunity to slow down and listen to the body’s wisdom, to go inward and to utilize our senses in a way that can promote healing and greater peace of mind.

Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your journey, whatever that looks like for you. Feel free to reach out to me with any questions or for more information

Massage Services:

Sarah designs a massage specific to your needs, whether you want to relax or work on a more targeted area using a variety of massage styles. Her philosophy is to always remain client centered. She wants to hear from you and what you would like to get out of your experience. Sarah believes that your body and needs are unique to you and together we can find the best ways in which to support this. Choose from either a 60 ($85), or 90 ($130)min session.

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Thai Bodywork Practitioner Rebecca Benstead


A passionate practitioner dedicated to preserving the art and power of medicinal
work (ancient healing arts), its lineage, and
the impact it has on the collective.

Thai Yoga Bodywork Let your body relax with sacred Thai medicine. Grounded in elemental theory with roots in Buddhism. You will remain fully-clothed during an individually tailored whole-body focused treatment, combining acupressure and assisted stretching for a truly rejuvenating and restorative experience.

Fire Cupping  A universal cultural practice, we use fire, heat and cups to assist in releasing muscles, addressing chronic pain, stiffness, and digestion. This can be a session on its own, or an addition prior to bodywork. You will be undressed from the waist up and draped on a massage able during this works Best combined with both moxibustion and Gua Sha.

Moxibustion Allow the healing properties of mugwort and smoke to warm your extremities. You will feel the practitioner move this heat on specific points on your
back and neck, addressing pain, allowing treatments to penetrate especially in the colder months.
*Not for those with sens
itivities to plants or smoke

Gua Sha Strengthen your immune system with this ancient technique. You will feel pressure as the practitioner uses a gentle tool to break up congestion in your muscles and fascia. Best combined with moxibustion and fire cupping.

Yoga Therapy with Registered Yoga Therapist Jessica Rometti


Jess is a Certified Yoga Therapist (C-IAYT) with 10 years of teaching experience. She is a devoted student of the Viniyoga lineage which emphasizes function over form, breath and adaptation & the art of sequencing. Jess has felt the transformative effects of yoga in her own life as it has helped her heal from an eating disorder, build confidence, improve her sleep and manage her anxiety. She feels passionately about helping other people move towards happier, healthier lives through yoga.

Yoga Therapy is a mind body approach to physical and emotional healing that incorporates different aspects of yoga. Approaches used include physical postures, breathing techniques, meditation and more to improve an individual's health and well being, and to create balance. You will co-create a plan with your yoga therapist.

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